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DSS ML: 21-22.06.2022 DSS: November 2022

November 2022 Warsaw + online
Main conference with nearly 20 tracks

What is the Data Science Summit?

The origins of the Data Science Summit date back to 2014, when the first Data Science Warsaw community meetup was held. The popularity of these cyclical meetups contributed to the the decision to organise the first edition of the conference, and its success to subsequent ones. Currently, DSS is the largest event dedicated to the field of data science in Poland.

Events organised under the initiative

DSS is the largest independent data science conference in the CEE region. It has been held every year since 2017, and the last edition attracted nearly 2,500 participants. The accompanying event is the Expo with stands from DS technology and solution providers and currently recruiting employers.

DSSML is a special edition of the Data Science Summit conference fully dedicated to artificial intelligence / machine learning. The first edition of the event was attended by more than 1000 specialists, managers, as well as people interested in the topic. The accompanying event, as during the DSS, is an industry Expo.

DSW is the largest data science community in Poland, based in Warsaw. It is an informal non-profit organisation promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge about data science, data engineering and so-called artificial intelligence. The purpose of its existence is to discuss tools, technology and business opportunities related to data collection, processing and visualisation of data, as well as machine learning and deep learning.

About the ML Edition

Focus areas of the conference

What makes up the event?

(online & onsite)
  • 2 days of expert speeches online (Tuesday, 21.06) and in person (Wednesday, 22.06)
  • 8 thematic tracks (including 1 track dedicated exclusively to managers)
  • Q&A sessions, additional technical and career workshops (sponsorship opportunities)
(online & onsite)
  • 2 days of meetings and talks with people from the industry, startups, service providers and employers
  • Stands of exhibitors presenting their services and products
  • Data Science job fair aimed at participants and all interested visitors (also from outside)
(online & onsite)
  • Afterparty with participants, speakers and event partners
  • Technical and career workshops (sponsorship opportunities)
  • Cyclical Data Science Warsaw meetup (community of over 6000 people from the industry)

Who is the project addressed to?

The event is mainly aimed at professionals working in the field of machine learning in its broadest sense, as well as to developers and architects, management representatives dealing with the technical aspects of projects and people interested in data science.

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"An extremely rare opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on advanced analytical problems, both from the methodological and implementation side."
Marcin Kosiński Marcin Kosiński Data Scientist, ProData Consultant
„We've built the agenda that should be interesting for everyone dealing with the data area - from processing, through analysis and machine learning, to visualization.“
Dominik Batorski Dominik Batorski Assistant Professor at ICM UW, Founder and Chief Scientist at Sotrender
„No matter if You work in R, Python or 4GL, at DSS you will be able to talk about those technologies and also listen about those, which you don’t know yet.“
Rafał Malanij Rafał Malanij Business Development Executive, GetInData

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For nearly 10 years Academic Partner Foundation not only organizes but also initiates many significant events addressed to IT / data science professionals and students. We are responsible for such events as: Warsaw IT Days, The Hack Summit, Ya!vaConf, IT Job Fairs and many IT meetups. We also help organize IT / data science conferences for large organizations. In case of any questions, please contact us .

Data Science Warsaw is the largest community of data scientists in Poland, based in Warsaw. We are a non-profit professional organisation dedicated to the free and open dissemination of data science, data engineering, and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to discuss tools, technologies and business opportunities related to the areas of data gathering, processing, visualization, as well as machine learning and deep learning.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences of Warsaw University of Technology can be proud of its high scientific standing (category A) and high level of education (distinction in the field of Mathematics and positive assessment in the field of Computer Science by the State Accreditation Committee), involvement of research and teaching staff in publication activities and carrying out large IT projects, including projects completed with implementation.

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